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We are alive..

We are happy that you are visiting the history of Gamepad-dojo. Read as much as you can to know more about us and don’t be hesitated to leave any feedback to our site!

What are Gamepad-Dojo in the past

Gamepad Dojo was equipped with a lot of things in mind initially. We wanted a location to accomplish our match reviews cause we’re selfish people and we like hearing ourselves talk. We wished to earn a place in which you read match reviews, maybe not just to learn that which we think, but since it’s enjoyable or interesting. And above all, we desire reviews that feel as they originate from actual game players rather than bloated review websites without intruding on the additional things.

Our brand new history

We are not only list review, but now we are listing all video gamepads. In this era, we are expanding our reach to describing many lists of the gamepads. There are many, like Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo, even SEGA also come by.

We are aware that you are frustated while playing a game, the x y z or a b c buttons damaged, the flip not working, and the gamepad electrical damaged. We are come with smart and simple solution, get a new gamepad!

About the logo itself, we decided to re-brand it to catchy and modern logo. Actually, it is a classic retro controller which similar like Atari controller. The button and the pad itself reminds us to playing old games like Donkey Kong, Space Invaders, Mario family, and others.

Why Gamepad Dojo?

It is simple, cool names. We are the place of the gamepad. For those who are need to be nerd video f*cking gaming addict (Sorry but these buttons and analog can be hard triggered), then Gamepad Dojo is your training places.

Our scoring system

The scoring system from zero to five (which is still same like before). But now the scoring will become the review star system that we think evolve to be efficient. The uniqueness of the scoring system is, the user or customer can review their gamepad experience itself. So that can give you more options to choose.


You can contact us on here. This can be anything, we accept all subjects to be asked. A big note that we will verify first your message and try to reply within 48 hours.

You can also reach us by e-mail to [email protected]

Terms of Services and Privacy Policy

You can visit our TOS and Privacy Policy, these are covers our guideline rules. You will automatically agree with these. Please be note that one of the biggest marketplace site involved on this, we are Aff participant of the Aliexpress program, that list many cool gamepads and other video games stuff.